Control products used in vibrating and highly polluted environments must effectively resist impact, erosion, and even require shorter strokes to prevent sand and dust clogging.
Application Overview
  • For example, for some special vehicles such as agricultural machines and garbage collection vehicles, the controllers are installed outside the vehicle body so that operators can operate from outside the vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle body is often exposed to wind and rain, especially when garbage collection vehicles may be covered with dust, so waterproof and dustproof measures are required to prevent switch failure. In general, the control unit can be protected by a protective cover, but once the protective cover deteriorates, rain and sand will invade and cause switch failure. Therefore, considering the practical needs of users, it is necessary to take measures to prevent switch failure.
  • ONPOW-cl
  • ONPOW recommends to you the "MT series" micro-stroke switches that are waterproof, dustproof, and sturdy, and suitable for harsh environments. "MT Series" adopts a unique gasket protection structure that can maintain IP67 protection level for a long time, which can prevent the gasket from deteriorating due to operation; the ultra-short stroke of 0.5mm can effectively reduce the risk of key stuck caused by sand and dust. Therefore, you can work with peace of mind, and you don't have to worry about malfunctioning when cleaning. In addition, the short-body button "GQ12 series" with IP67 protection level is recommended. Its switch structure can withstand various impacts. The shell is made of aluminum alloy electrophoresis process.
  • We will recommend the switch suitable for you according to the actual use, welcome to consult ONPOW.