The food processing device must be cleaned as a whole after operation, and its control switch must have a super high waterproof level. On the other hand, in a dust-free and sterile production environment, how to avoid the risks brought about by equipment operation, users have been pursuing better solutions.
Application Overview
    • The filling weighing control device on the food processing production line must be cleaned as a whole after the material is changed and the daily production is finished according to the hygienic management requirements. How to choose the waterproof switch installed on the main body of the device has just occurred here. From the consideration of cost and convenience, it is the preferred solution to directly install the switch on the filler weighing control device. We at Opeon can provide switches with excellent protection levels for weighing machine manufacturers and end users who use food equipment.
    • The piezoelectric switch "PS series" is suitable for equipment cleaning, and the protection level can reach "IP69K" (this switch corresponds to a pressure of 50 ~ 100Pa, an operating temperature of -25°C ~ +55°C, and an instantaneous temperature difference of no more than 20°C), which meets the requirements of the control panel. "IP68" that is not affected by jet water, and also has resistance to high-pressure cleaning containing detergents, can be safely used as a power switch on the main body of the control unit.


      • On the other hand, some food processing production lines are dust-free and sterile production environments. How to avoid risks brought about by equipment operation, users have been pursuing better solutions. Considering the risk of infection and electrostatic voltage, traditional push button switches are not suitable for such scenarios. For this reason, ONPOW has developed two infrared beam-sensitive non-contact sensor switches "ONPOW91 series" and "ONPOW92 series" to meet the needs of special scenarios. Its switch sensing distance can be adjusted freely (up to 15cm), and the luminous graphics, material and luminous color of the panel can be customized, and the appearance design can be flexibly modified according to your needs.


If you have any questions about product use, please consult ONPOW.