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Party Building Profile
The company established a party branch in 2007, with 8 full members, 1 probationary member and 6 activists joining the party. In recent years, the company has carried out activities such as "branch building in the workshop, party members around you" and "party member pioneer activity" to guide party members to be pioneers and demonstrate in enterprise production, epidemic prevention and control, and constantly promote high-quality development of the enterprise with party building leadership and talent innovation.
Party member pioneer post

His name is Xu Mingfang, born in 1977 in Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province. He came to work in ONPOW Push Button Manufacture Co.,Ltd in early 1995. He is now a middle-aged man from a young boy. He always said: the company is as close to employees as a family. It is the spirit and culture of the company that teaches him to be an upright man and work steadfastly, so that he can feel the warmth of home.

He was awarded the "Model Family of Liu Town" in 2010; In 2014, won the title of "Advanced Worker of Blood Donation in Liuzhen"; In 2015, won the "Outstanding Employee" of the company, and joined the Communist Party of China in 2015. In 2019, she was hired as a "police assistant" by Xiangyang Police Station. In 2020, won the title of "Excellent Party Member" of the Party branch; Awarded "Advanced Worker" in 2021.

As a party member, he knows that he shoulders the responsibilities and obligations of a party member. In the working and living time, he strictly demands himself according to the standards of a party member and takes the lead to follow the example. In the company for 27 years, he always adheres to the concept of people-oriented and company as home.

When the company moved in October 2019, he took the lead in relocation by example, running between the old and new companies every day and working hard until the factory relocation was completed. At about 10 a.m. on the fifth day of the first month in 2020, while he was on vacation in his hometown, he received a phone call from the company saying that the company needed a batch of supporting products for pharmaceutical companies to fight against COVID-19, which was the most serious time of the COVID-19 in Yueqing. When his 80-year-old parents advised him not to go, he said without hesitation, "Mom! I must go. The company needs me." As soon as the words fell, he took a family of four to drive back to the company for five hours on the same day. When he and his family entered Yueqing, roads were closed everywhere, after a village and a pass. In order to produce and deliver anti-epidemic supplies, he worked tirelessly and busily. Later, when the company resumed work and production, he would go to the gate of the company about an hour in advance every morning to take the temperature of the employees, sweep the health code and disinfect them. When Typhoon Hagupit hit Wenzhou in August 2020, he rushed to the company to fight against Taiwan in the first time. During Yueqing's severe water shortage in December, he took the lead to draw water, release water, deliver water, and clean large buckets. In the 2021 general election of the Party branch of the company was elected as the Party branch committee, appointed as the organization committee member and publicity committee member.

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