At present, the competition among equipment manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce, and the quality of equipment is improving, so it is difficult to differentiate from other companies in terms of performance. Many manufacturers have to consider differentiating from other companies in terms of product appearance and functional use, but how can they achieve differentiation?
Application Overview
  • Machine tool manufacturers are not only improving their technical capabilities, but also are used in machine tools due to the circulation of high-precision mechanical parts. Therefore, there is no difference in performance such as processing accuracy and processing speed. When considering the severe market environment, are machine tool design engineers struggling with how to design products that are different from those of other companies?


  • 1. "Customized" operating panel establishes the company's image
  • ONPOW proposes to your company, which is considering how to stand out among device makers, to carefully design the touch appearance and increase value as a unique and exquisite device. In recent years, the appearance of equipment has also become one of the important benchmarks when purchasing equipment. For example, as far as CNC machining centers are concerned, not only the shape and color of the main body of the machine tool, but also the appearance design of the operation panel can also be seen to be particular about the characteristics of each manufacturer. If the device itself is stylish and has a high-end design, configuring switches in a metallic tone on the control panel can create a sense of unity with the main body. For example, the φ22mm mounting hole, the inlaid frame is only 2mm high, and the plane inlaid "LAS1-AW(P) series" button can customize any pattern required by the user on the light-emitting part, which is different from other companies on the board.
  • 2. Committed to the overall "refinement" of equipment to enhance competitiveness
  • With the increasing demand for miniaturization of equipment, the miniaturization of the control panel is attracting attention. Considering the processing accuracy and processing speed, if the design of the mechanical processing part is changed, the risk is too high, and generally it will not be changed easily. Therefore, only the design of the control part can be considered to be modified. In response to this situation, ONPOW recommends miniaturization of the control panel as an effective solution. If each control part is replaced with a short body, it is relatively easy to realize the miniaturization of the control panel and expand the internal space of the machine tool. For example, use "LAS1-A22 series ∅22" short body emergency stop switch (lead type tail only 13.7mm) and push button switch (tail only 18.4mm), or use small short body push button switch "GQ12 series ∅12" "GQ16 Series ∅16", micro-stroke short body switch "MT series ∅16/19/22", can effectively increase the use space at the end of the panel, so that the mechanical design can have greater freedom, and can flexibly respond to customer needs, so that It forms a difference with other companies in the overall design and enhances market competitiveness.
  • 3. Excellent "touch experience" enhances the value of equipment
  • The "TS series" touch switch developed by ONPOW is to couple the parasitic capacitance of the human body to the static capacitance, so that the final capacitance value of the key becomes larger, and then the switch is triggered. This can bring a new touch experience. Compared with traditional button switches, TS series touch switches only need to touch the surface of the button (0N) to trigger the switch on and off. The service life is as high as 50 million times, and the use is more "light "The touch experience gives the device "added value".
  • Therefore, if your company is considering differentiating products from other companies, please contact us ONPOW.