Contactless sensor switch —- intelligent interaction

Contactless sensor switch —- intelligent interaction


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The ONPOW91 and ONPOW92 IR sensor switch is an innovative non-contact switch sensing design. The use of the object to be detected on the modulation of infrared light beam shading and reflection, can be with LED indicator, especially suitable for dark places, light touch response of the interactive design can better prompt the user.

As the epidemic spreads, we actively research and develop. This switch is intended for use in scientific epidemic prevention, environmental protection, and effective isolation of cross-infection of germs and viruses brought on by physical contact operations.

It is widely used in machinery, security, medical, automotive, smoke detection and automation industries. It not only has the characteristics of travel switch and micro switch, but also has sensing performance, stable product performance, fast response frequency, anti-interference, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion resistant and durable.