Meeting Customers’ Diverse Needs – Customized Push Button Switches with Waterproof Performance

Meeting Customers’ Diverse Needs – Customized Push Button Switches with Waterproof Performance


With the development of free market economy, people’s demand for product diversification is becoming higher and higher.

As a company dedicated to research and development, manufacturing, and trade of push button switches for 35 years; Our company has always taken meeting customers’ personalized needs as the standard for button switch customization research and development. Over the years, we have provided customers with various customized buttons, such as appearance color, lamp bead color, wiring customization, e.t.c. Based on the increasingly diverse customization needs of customers; We have rich craftsmanship and experience in customizing types and categories

In the past two years, due to the end of COVID-9, the resumption of global trade, and the vigorous development of sea transportation; higher requirements have been placed on the waterproof performance of the buttons used on marine. Not only the buttons above the panel need to meet the waterproof level of IP67, but the terminal under the panel also needs to achieve waterproof performance.

For customers’ waterproof requirements for button tails, we usually have two solutions:


Solution 1: We suggest using waterproof joints for waterproofing after wiring. The advantage of this solution is that it is easy to install and disassemble; And if customers want to wire themselves, they can directly purchase waterproof connectors for rear waterproofing.      

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Solution 2: After wire assembly according to customer requirements, we will seal the gaps at the bottom of the push button and epoxy the base and soldering terminals; Under this option, it has high waterproof performance and is convenient for customers to use; Customers only need to install the button on the product without any additional processing.

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