The fourth “ONPOW Cup” fun games

The fourth “ONPOW Cup” fun games


We are full of joy, to the spirit of full posture, gathered together, held the fourth "ONPOW Cup" fun games, activities are: kangaroo jump, three-person four-legged, tricky catching colored beads, water relay, ring and buckle, grab the stool. The Games to jump, walk, run, move the form, in the movement of happiness, in the happiness of sports, in the pleasure of showing style. Let members free themselves from the daily heavy work, let happiness no longer depress, will confidence from now on to enhance, the power quietly cohesion!


【Opening Ceremony】

With the opening ceremony over, the first competition was held: kangaroo jump. The straight line distance of the competition is 30 meters, the shortest time to win. Many players are the first time to participate in the project, so often "can not brake", but fortunately, teammates will always appear in time to help the team members to complete the race successfully!


【Ready to go】


【It's okay, there are teammates】




【No brake...】

The second activity: three-person quadruped. A group of three people, one of the three feet tripped and tied together, the race started at the starting point, to the opposite sign back, and then the rope will be untied, handed to the next group of players for the race, and finally to complete the length of time to rank. This project mainly tests the tacit understanding and cooperation between teammates!




【Speeding ahead】



The third competition: catching colored beads. One person throws a bouncing ball, and then another person catches the ball into the bucket to be considered successful. This project can exercise the teamwork and patience ability among the players.


【Practice time】


【In Competition】


【In Competition】

The fourth competition: water relay. At the beginning of the competition, the contestants hold paper cups, to the bucket of water, and then return to pour into the large plastic bottle, in turn, water relay, the large plastic bottle first full of water is the winner, a great test of the team's balance ability.






【Winning in Stability】

The fifth competition: loop around. Players hold hands in turn around a circle, using the body twist to make the hula hoop around each person in turn, accumulate three circles and return to the starting point after the end of the game, the team with the shortest time wins.


【Tacit Cooperation】




【We beat the young tech department!】

The sixth competition: grab a stool. The program when the music stops personnel to quickly find a stool to sit down, did not grab the elimination. This item tests the reaction ability of the players, as well as team strategy selection.


【Music Starts】


【Music Stops】


【Who is the winner?】

The fourth "ONPOW Cup" fun games to "friendship first, competition second" idea, let us not only harvest the joy, but also harvest the unity and cooperation. Finally, the Fire team by the Technology Department won the championship title, the Games also came to a perfect end, looking forward to the next Games again, while the activities will be richer.


【Final Score】


【Honor Certificate】


【Group photo of the champion】